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US-6535880-B1: Automated on-line commerce method and apparatus utilizing a shopping server verifying product information on product selection patent, US-6050659-A: Frame-type desk system patent, US-6726689-B2: Helical interlocking mating guide and advancement structure patent, US-6295054-B1: Pixel buffer circuits for implementing improved methods of displaying grey-scale or color images patent, US-6505368-B1: Mattress assembly patent, US-5449909-A: Tunnel effect wave energy detection patent, US-5578294-A: Oral compositions patent, US-6605499-B1: Method of forming sea-of-cells array of transistors patent, US-6644263-B2: Engine with dry sump lubrication patent, US-5096815-A: Generation and selection of novel dna-binding proteins and polypeptides patent, US-5539070-A: Polymerizable compositions made with polymerization initiator systems based on organoborane amine complexes patent, US-5967678-A: Tape printing device and tape cartridge used therein patent, US-4535485-A: Polymeric acrylic prothesis patent, US-6719053-B2: Ester/monoester copolymer compositions and methods of preparing and using same patent, US-5159077-A: Penam antibacterial compounds patent, US-5192606-A: Absorbent article having a liner which exhibits improved softness and dryness, and provides for rapid uptake of liquid patent, US-6438837-B1: Methods for aligning holes through wheels and spacers and stacking the wheels and spacers to form a turbine rotor patent, US-5242701-A: Method for shelf stable packaging of liquid food in hermetically sealed easy-to-open gable top cartons patent, US-6555094-B1: Stannous oral compositions patent, US-6638239-B1: Apparatus and method for treating glaucoma patent, US-6284219-B1: In vivo determination of metabolic function for use in therapy management patent, US-5747459-A: Method for insuring adequate intracellular glutathione in tissue patent, US-6440981-B1: Method for inhibiting neoplastic cells and related conditions by exposure to 2,9-disubstituted purin-6-ones patent, US-3804911-A: Method of decontaminating hydrocarbons used as solvents and monomers in production of synthetic rubber patent, US-3812222-A: Process for the manufacture of alkane phosphonic acid diesters patent, US-3820479-A: Mobile container for safely handling explosives patent, US-3822146-A: Application of electrically conductive coatings to insulating tubes of switching magnets for particle accelerators patent, US-3828025-A: Phosphono substituted acylpenicillins patent, US-3833572-A: Preparation of cephalosporins having a substituted methyl group at position-3 by reaction of a 3-halomethyl cephalosporin with an onium salt patent, US-3839496-A: Manufacture of filaments or fibers of polyamides patent, US-3843644-A: Bis-p-dithi(2,3-b:2',3'-e)pyrazine 2,3,7,8-tetracarbonitrile patent, US-385661-A: Chemical fire-extinguisher patent, US-392347-A: Fence for intercepting insects patent, US-396145-A: Saw-clamping device patent, US-410298-A: Rail-sawing machine patent, US-411470-A: Cotton chopping patent, US-425369-A: Hiram cowell patent, US-4424225-A: Thienobenzodiazepinones, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and method of use thereof patent, US-442610-A: Territory patent, US-4429204-A: Bushing mounted stirrer shaft patent, US-4435245-A: Apparatus for imprinting and dispensing pressure-sensitive labels adhering to a carrier tape patent, US-443986-A: Pocket-lighter patent, US-450466-A: Fire-alarm and telephone system patent, US-451420-A: Fastening device patent, US-465202-A: Island patent, US-465741-A: Hair-working machine patent, US-466470-A: soudeb patent, US-475890-A: Jonathan ramsey patent, US-476460-A: Boot-treeing machine patent, US-479643-A: Nellie f patent, US-491723-A: Dredging apparatus patent, US-495829-A: Steam-boiler patent, US-499660-A: Cash-recorder and check-printer patent, US-500415-A: Lewis p patent, US-504542-A: Electric railway-signal patent, US-511798-A: rankine patent, US-512052-A: Fire-ladder patent, US-514732-A: Aleck saunders patent, US-516597-A: Semaphore-signal patent, US-5171232-B1: Catheter having highly radiopaque flexible tip patent, US-518649-A: Pruning implement patent, US-539264-A: Charles hall patent, US-552715-A: lugrin patent, US-559119-A: Invalid-chair patent, US-566241-A: Boot-treeing machine patent, US-5676146-B1: Surgical implant containing a resorbable radiopaque marker and method of locating such within a body patent, US-571575-A: Screen for sand patent, US-571761-A: Electric-light-cord adjuster patent, US-579713-A: Clutch patent, US-594892-A: Combined harrow and roller patent, US-599756-A: Wave-motor patent, US-607285-A: Bottle-stopper patent, US-612268-A: Patrick k patent, US-635661-A: Air-valve. patent, US-643269-A: Plate-ice machine. patent, US-652402-A: Hoisting-machine. patent, US-659755-A: Invalid-bedstead. patent, US-660461-A: Machine for cutting lozenges. patent, US-664297-A: Automatic railroad-switch. patent, US-666837-A: Cycle. patent, US-667250-A: Churn. patent, US-3867519-A: Bioerodible drug delivery device patent, US-3871982-A: Apparatus for treatment of metal strip with a liquid patent, US-3886381-A: Electronic storage circuit for digital data processing devices with high fault safety in particular for railroad safety systems patent, US-3904640-A: 5-(t-butyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-3-methyl-5-hydroxyimidazolidin-2-ore patent, US-3916370-A: Apparatus for controlling the transfer of seismic data from magnetic tape storage to a photographic recording patent, US-4025531-A: α-Trichloromethyl thenyl anilines as biodigradable insecticides and molluscides patent, US-4235924-A: Prostacyclin analogs of the 1 series and related analogs wherein the carboxylic acid function has been replaced patent, US-4281129-A: Piperidinyl hydrogen 2-hydroxyalkyl phosphates and metal salts thereof patent, US-4435382-A: Anhydrous alcoholic antiperspirant suspension composition containing certain aluminum or aluminum/zirconium salt glycine complexes patent, US-4438593-A: Anti-fungal performance in pelleted seeds through use of hydrophobes patent, US-4679909-A: Liquid crystal input/output matrix panel patent, US-4722408-A: Weighing device patent, US-4873864-A: Pressure gauge with a movable interior scale patent, US-5023517-A: Light controller apparatus patent, US-5027908-A: Bearing apparatus and method for preloading bearings for rotary-vibratory drills patent, US-5823836-A: Boat motor flushing and lubricating accessory patent, US-6184382-B1: Process for preparing N6-substituted adenosine derivatives patent, US-6409163-B1: Fixturing device for holding a workpiece patent, US-6462627-B1: Oscillator circuit having reduced phase noise patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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