Multi -functional disinfection stick



The utility model discloses a multi -functional disinfection stick, the novel nipple rectifier comprises a cylindrical shel, the water hole, a sealing cover, the cylinder, the handle, the push rod, a piston, a spring, the nozzle, the end cap, the hole for water spraying, this multi -functional disinfection stick, at first fill up the antiseptic solution through the water hole to barrel inside, the sealed lid of reuse is sealed with the barrel, when needs are disinfected for the patient, at first take off the protection casing, hold the barrel through the nursing staff, and press the handle through the finger, consequently, handle drive push rod down meets, thereby make the piston move in the cylinder, consequently, make the accessible cylinder for barrel incoming air, make the inside atmospheric pressure of barrel rise, thereby make the disinfection liquid of barrel inside blow out with vaporific form from the hole for water spraying, consequently on evenly spraying patient's skin with the antiseptic solution, this excellent simple structure that disinfects, functions are powerful, can replace traditional aseptic cotton stick, resource the cost is reduced has not only been practiced thrift, simple operation, no environmental pollution.




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