Adjust adjusting device of chromatography column chromatography velocity of flow



The utility model belongs to the technical field of the experimental facilities, concretely relates to adjust adjusting device of chromatography column chromatography velocity of flow. The device includes the fixing clip, locate cock on the fixing clip, pass through the liquid storage pot that the transfer line is connected with the cock. The utility model discloses the structure is comparatively simple, and the preparation is convenient, has better practical value, and concrete advantage shows as: the complex operation's of flowing phase drawback can be avoided frequently adding to the chromatography column through setting up of liquid storage pot, and can realize the stream speed adjusting festival of flowing phase therefore simple operation through the height of adjusting the liquid storage pot, in addition, when the chromatography column does not use for a long time, can with the chromatography column cock with the utility model discloses the cock of device is closed simultaneously, avoids volatilizing of flowing phase in the chromatography column and results in the damage of chromatography column, the life of extension chromatography column.




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