Extrusion crushing apparatus



The utility model relates to an extrusion crushing apparatus, including the frame to and set up in the pressing chamber of frame inside, still including setting up in the inside crushing room of frame, still including setting up in the feed inlet of frame upper end, still include the discharge gate that sets up in the frame side, the frame is frame construction, is made by the resistance to compression material, still is provided with motor and cylinder to the side of the frame, pressing chamber is closed structure, inside fixed pressing plate and the dynamic pressure board of being provided with of pressing chamber, fixed pressing plate is connected with pressing chamber through the dead lever of wearing to locate pressing chamber side inner wall, the dead lever side still is provided with fixed swivel nut, dynamic pressure board and fixed pressing plate keeping parallelism, crushing room sets up the lower extreme in pressing chamber, smashes to be provided with the charging line between room and the pressing chamber, just keep communicating with each other through this charging line, it is provided with the drive shaft to smash indoor portion, the pot head is equipped with a plurality of and smashes the blade in the drive shaft.




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