At bottom of vibration/noise reduction sedan -chair of high -speed ladder



The utility creatively provides an at bottom of vibration/noise reduction sedan -chair of high -speed ladder, including being used for connecting the car coupling assembling at the bottom of car leg and the sedan -chair, car coupling assembling installs the baseboard subassembly in the inboard, at the bottom of including the sedan -chair at the bottom of the sedan -chair, down at the bottom of the sedan -chair and the shock pad between the two, interior sedan -chair bottom plate is installed to the upper end at the bottom of going up the sedan -chair, be equipped with the brace seat on down at the bottom of the sedan -chair, and under sedan -chair the following side install the balanced component, go up at the bottom of the sedan -chair with car coupling assembling connects. The utility model discloses create effectively the elevator operation noise reduction, vibrations reduce, have improved the quality of elevator in many -sides such as security, stationarity, travelling comforts, improve the car comfort greatly. Marble layer, wood board layer and rubber layer that interior sedan -chair bottom plate from top to bottom set gradually, rubber layer wherein has damping performance, improves elevator operation's stationarity and comfort level equally, the combined action of shock pad in addition can improve the buffering shock attenuation effect of car greatly, makes to take personnel and feel comfortable.




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