Batcher is carried to impeller



The utility model discloses a batcher is carried to impeller, including motor and feed system, the output of motor is connected with the feed system, the feed system includes feed box (1), feeder hopper (2), goes out hopper (3) and feed rotor, and the feed rotor sets up at feed box (1) insidely, and the output of motor is connected with the feed rotor, and feeder hopper (2) set up on feed box (1) upper portion, goes out hopper (3) and sets up in feed box (1) lower part, be provided with ejection of compact governing system on a hopper, be provided with the dust arrester installation in the feed box outside. The utility model relates to a rationally, small, area is little, and is difficult for appearing the dead condition of impeller card, has reduced the maintenance rate, has improved work efficiency, is provided with two discharge gates to adjustable load can carry out adaptability according to on -the -spot needs and adjust, has the function of gathering dust simultaneously, can prevent the production of feed in -process raise dust.




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