Cement fineness negative pressure screen analysis device



The utility model discloses a cement fineness negative pressure screen analysis device, include: test sieve, sieve seat, air nozzle, straw, support, micromotor, a whirlwind section of thick bamboo and filter, the filter includes: box and set up motor in the box, cross filter bag and ash bucket, be equipped with the connection pad between motor and mistake filter bag, be equipped with the one or more connecting hole on the connection pad, and the filter bag sets up in the below of connecting hole excessively, be equipped with vibration frame at the ash bucket and between crossing the filter bag, vibration frame is by the drive of vibration drive arrangement, and with cross the filter bag transmission and be connected, sealing door includes the door frame body, set up in the inboard close board of sealing up a door of door frame body, the elastic component sets up between door frame body and sealing door board, the sealing washer is with wall connection in the box. The utility model relates to a cement fineness negative pressure screen analysis device, its is rational in infrastructure, uses safe and reliable, the dusting of being convenient for, the noise is low, and is sealed effectual.




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