Modularization lamp house



The utility model relates to an illuminating lamp box technical field, concretely relates to modularization lamp house, include: panel module: be used for the canvas of centre gripping lamp house, make the canvas levelly and smoothly lay on the lamp house, lighting module: be used for providing the illumination for the canvas, the underframe module for with the externally mounted structural connection, realize the installation to the lamp house, the underframe module still with panel module and lighting module cooperate, realize panel module and lighting module's installation. The utility model provides a modularization lamp house divide into panel module, lighting module and underframe module with the lamp house, when actually making, divides the module manufacturing, and then moves the transportation with each module and carry out construction and installation to treating the erecting bed, so, has reduced the manufacturing degree of difficulty, but also has made things convenient for and move the transportation, reduced the transport degree of difficulty, and in later maintenance, direct to the trouble module follow trade can, so also made things convenient for the change.




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