Syllogic charging circuit of compatible nickel -hydrogen battery and lithium cell


  • Inventors: LI WENJIE
  • Assignees: 李文杰
  • Publication Date: April 27, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-205195315-U


The utility model provides a syllogic charging circuit of compatible nickel -hydrogen battery and lithium cell, include: power supply, battery voltage detection module for rechargeable battery's voltage is treated in the detection, with the single -chip module that battery voltage detection module connects is used for the basis battery voltage detection module detects the voltage that obtains and reachs the voltage of treating rechargeable battery, judges and treats the rechargeable battery type to send corresponding voltage switching signal according to the judged result, with the charging voltage that single -chip module connects switches the module, is used for the basis voltage switching signal switches charging voltage, with single -chip module reaches charging voltage switches the charge management IC that the module is connected for rechargeable battery's charging process is treated in control and management. The utility model provides a problem of not compatible nickel -hydrogen battery of charging circuit and lithium cell.




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