Password pen


  • Inventors: LYU YANG
  • Assignees: 吕洋
  • Publication Date: May 04, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-205202525-U


The utility model discloses a password pen, including a foot, a body, automatic pole, spout, six prismatic password layer spoon, password nail, lock core and light -emitting character, body passes through the lower extreme and is connected with a foot from the screw thread in area, the pen is end and six prismatic password layer spoon fixed connection on one's body, the spout has been offered on upper portion in the body, automatic pole and spout sliding connection, light -emitting character is posted to the outside of six prismatic password layer spoon, is equipped with password nail and lock core in the inside of six prismatic password layer spoon, furthermore, six prismatic password layer spoon are totally six layers to light -emitting character is all posted to six sides of each layer, the refill in the body of beginning to write is connected to automatic pole, foot is the triangular prism shape form, each layer of six prismatic password layer spoon is a password nail only, and each password nail is only to a light -emitting character that should the layer, automatic pole receives the control of lock core, the utility model discloses not only environmental protection but also economical and practical, the fashion, easy operation, the practicality is strong, easily uses widely.




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