Silica gel cover and light sense sensor seal assembly



The utility model discloses a silica gel cover for sealed light sense subassembly, including body and annular arch, the body includes sealed face and holding chamber, and the holding chamber includes smooth mouthful of light -emitting window and income, and the light -emitting window all is located sealed face for smooth mouthful with income, and the holding chamber is used for holding light sense subassembly, the annular arch is suddenly located on sealed, and surrounds the light -emitting window and go into the light mouth. The embodiment of the utility model provides a silica gel cover and light sense sensor seal assembly is protruding through set up the annular on sealed face to protruding smooth mouthful of income and the light -emitting window of surrounding of annular, it is regional to reduce the bellied deformation of annular, and then works as the transmitting material pressfitting and in annular arch, can freely follow its side when annular arch receives extrusion deformation and escape, avoids the formation of clamp dead zone territory and minute folding line, thereby reaches the good sealed of light sense subassembly. The utility model also provides a light sense sensor seal assembly.




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