Dissolved gas drive rock core wash oil system



The utility model relates to a petrochemical technology field, concretely relates to dissolved gas drive rock core wash oil system. A dissolved gas drive rock core wash oil system, includes that the gas -liquid thoughtlessly dissolves the jar, and jar one end is thoughtlessly dissolved respectively through pipe connection gas cylinder and solvent jar to the gas -liquid, and the other end connects gradually rock core wash oil device and gas -liquid cyclone through the pipeline, be equipped with electric heater unit in the rock core wash oil device, be equipped with the cooler in the gas -liquid cyclone, the gas -liquid thoughtlessly dissolve jar and rock core wash oil device between the pipeline on be equipped with the booster pump, the gas trap is connected on gas -liquid cyclone top, and the distiller is connected to the bottom, and the distiller export is through pipe connection solvent jar. The utility model discloses thereby according to the automatic gas -liquid separation that realizes of the density that the gas -liquid is different, preferably, connect the solvent jar with the distiller, realize that solvent circulation utilizes high -efficient environmental protection.




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