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  • Publication Date: February 13, 1894
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(No Model.) A. SAUNDBRS. HOT WATER GENERATOR POR STOVES. Patented Peb, 13, 1894.k " f UNITED TATEST PATENT Fritze. ALEoK sAUNDERs, oF GoDER1oH,oANADA. HOT-WATER GENERATOR FOR STOVES. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 514,732, dated February 13, 1894, lAppleman ned May 27,1893. seriaiNoAwnzs. (Nomad.) y ufacturer, of the town of Goderich, in the county of Huron, in the Province of Ontario, Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements inHot-Water Generators for Stoves, of which the following is a speci- Y iication. My invention relates to improvements in hot water generators for'self-feeding base-burner stoves and the object ofthe invention is to provide a hot water generator for stoves of. this class, which will serve to supply hot Water for radiator coils in one or more rooms and without interfering with the radiation of heat from such stove and it consists essentially of forminga magazine in the form of a water-jacket and furthermoreiu preferably connecting the base of the water-jacket by a pipe to a water-leg formed in the central par# tition of the double return flue extending down beneath the ash pit, the water-jacket having connected to itat the top and the water leg having connected to it at the bottom the flow and return pipes respectively, which extend to a radiator or coil. Figure l, is a perspective sectional view of a Seli:` feeding base-burner stove, portion of the body of the stove being broken away to exhibit the peculiar construction and arrange.- ment of my water jacket and water leg. Fig. 2, is a sectional elevation from the back of the stove through the back flue and water leg. InV the drawings like letters of referenceindicate corresponding parts in each ligure. A, is the magazine of the stove, which extends down to within a short distance from the top of the lire-pot. The magazine, A, has formed around it a water-jacket, A', which extends throughout the length 'of the magazine. B, is a water leg which is preferably cast or formed one with the partition, B', dividing the flues C, and D. The partition, B', extends beneath the bottom of the ash-pit as shown. E, is a pipe which connects the top of the water leg, B, with the bottom of the water jacket, A'. l F, is a flow pipe leading from the top of the water-jacket to the coils and, G, is a return pipe leading from the coils to thelbottom of the water-leg B, through the back of the stove. H, is the damperpivoted at the top on the spindle, h, above the fire pot, I, to the back of the stove and designed to close the hole, H', at the top of the tlue, D. The spindle, h, is. provided with a handle, h', bywhich the damper may be manipulated. This damper, H, is the damper usually provided in self- 6o feeders of the class described; The opening, H', leads to the smoke pipe, J. K, is an opening on the opposite side of the partition,B, to that in which the opening, H', is made, that is to say the opening, K, is sit`uated on the top ot' the ilue, C, above the top of the fire-box. Ordinarily the damper, H,is situated in the Aposition shown in Fig. l, except when it is desired tomake the fire burn up when it is 7o placed in the position shown by dotted lines in this figure. When the damper, H, is in the position shown in Fig. l, the heat and smoke from the fire pass out through the opening, K, down through the flue, C, around the'front 75 of the partition, B', and up through the flue, D, out by the smoke-pipe as indicated by the arrows in the drawings. It will thus be seen that the water in the water leg, B, formed by the partition, B', will be heated. As the bottom of 8o the magazine water jacket, A', extends down into proximity with the lire it will be seen that the water in the jacket, A', will also be heated and that the heated Water in the leg, B, will pass through the pipe, E, into the water jacket, A', and the heated water will pass to the top of the water jacket where it will iiow outwardly through the pipe, F, to the coil and complete the circulation through the pipe, G, back to the bottom of the water leg, B. 9o By the moist condition of the lower portion of the magazine, A caused by the surrounding water jacket the coal at the bottom of the magazine is kept cool and prevented from being ignited so that all the gas formed below the bottom of the magazine will be directed into the draft ues and smoke-pipe. In a magazine as ordinarily made without a water jacket the coal became ignited for some distance up in the magazine and the gas which :oo came from such coal had no other exit than through the top of the magazine. By forming a Water jacket around the magazine as shown all danger of the escape of the gas through the top of the magazine is completely avoided. Should it not be desired to use the hot Water for heating the house the Water leg might be dispensed with and the jacket provided with an opening at the top through which it might be filled and kept full of Water in or der to prevent the coal at the bottom of the magazine becoming ignited thereby preventing the escape of the gas and also serving to keep the air of the room moistened. It will also be understood that the Water ieg, B, might in any case be dispensed with and the return pipe, G, connected to the bottom of the water jacket. From this description it will be seen that the ordinary self-feeding base-burner may be utilized as a hot Water heater to Warm one or more rooms in the house and that any danger of the escape of the gas from the stove will be prevented by the water jacket around the magazine, A. What I claim as my invention isl. The combination with the water jacket A', formed around the magazine A, a iiue chamber, a division partition therein, a water leg B, formed in said partition, a pipe E, leading to the water jacket A', the flow pipe F, connected to the top of the Water jacket and the return pipe, G, connected to the bottom of the Water leg, as and for the purpose specified. 2. 'lhe combination with the Water jacket, A', formed around the magazine, A, of the Water leg, B, formed in the partition, B', and connected by the pipe, E, to the water jacket, A', the damper H, designed to close the opening, H', so as to direct the heat from the fire down through the opening, K, on the opposite side of the Water leg through the flue,C, down around the partition, B', and np th rough the iiue, D, to the smoke pipe and the flow pipe F, connected to the top of the Water jacket and the return pipe, G, connected to the bottom of the water ieg as and for the purpose specified. AL'EUK SAUNDERS. W'itnesses: J. YARROW, G. F. BLAIR,



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