Electric-light-cord adjuster

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  • Publication Date: November 24, 1896
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UNITED STATES ATENT rricn. ELECTRlC-LlGHT-CORD ADJUSTER. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 571,761, dated November 24, 1896. Application filed May 9,1896- Serial No. 590,862. (No model.) To a?! zit-hoist 1'1.- 'IN/(L'I/ cancer/1.: Be it known that I, GEORGE L. GULLIFORD, a citizen of the United States, residing" at 13cment, in the count of Plait and State of Illinois,haveinventedcertain new and useful lmproveinen is in Electric-Lighi-Cord Adjusters; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same. My invention relates to electric-lamp-cord adjusters. The chief objection to the ordinary forms of adjusters of this class is that when the cord is adjusted an unsightly loop is made which interferes with the use of the lamp. A further objection is that the capacity to adjust the cord is also necessarily limited, for the loop formed therein becomes too long if much slack is taken up. My object is to provide a simple, cheap, and ornamental adjuster of the class described which will satisfactorily overcome the objecj j uster provided with slots in its heads which slots receive the cord, while the slack of said tions just enumerated. . The invent-ion consists of an electric-lampcord adjuster of peculiar and novel construction as will appear m ore in detail hereinafter. In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a side elevation; Fig. 2, a top view, and Fig". 3 a view showing the invention in use. The device is constructed out of some light 1naieri.al-as,for instanee wood or vulcaniteand is of the form of a spool, being provided with a cylindrical winding-drum A, which receives the lamp-cord, and ornamental ends or heads 13 and 0. The drum is of such size as to be capable of holding a good many feet of cord wound thereon but the heads being of peculiarconstruction will. now be described more in detail. These heads are duplicates, and hence a description of one will suiiice. D designates a slot, and E a circular longitudinally-cxtending hole. The slot slants obliquely to the longitudinal axis of the adjuster and extends from the periphery of the head inwardly. The upper portion of the slot, that is, the part opening out on the end of the head, lies tangentially in relation to the circular opening E, but the slot slopes downwardly and outwardly and leads out onto the face of the drum. The inner portion of the slot opens into the circular opening E. The slots at both ends of the adjuster are similar, but they extend in opposite directions. F designates a lamp-cord the upper end of which is connected to a rosette on the ceiling andthe lower end to a lamp-socket H. The device is used in the following manner: The cord is first inserted in the upper slot and opening and the slack wound around the drum. It is then slid in the lower slot and circular opening. \Vhen thus arranged, the cord is held secure in adjusted position and the adjuster lies perfectly vertical. It is to be understood that I do not limit myself to the precise construction herein shown and described, but consider myself entitled to all such variations as come within the spirit and scope of the invention. Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is 1. A spool-shaped electric-light-cord adcord is Wound on the spool, substantially as described. I 2. A spool-shaped electric-light-cord adj usterprovided with oblique slotsin its heads, substantially as described. 3. A spool-shaped electric-light-cord adj uster havin g its heads provided with oblique slots which extend inward from the periphery of the. head and lead to a central opening, substantially as described. 4:. A spool-shaped electric-light-cord adjuster having oppositely-slanting oblique slots in its respective heads, said slots extendin g inward from the peripheries of the heads and leading to respective centrally-disposed openings substantially as described. In testimony whereof I have signed this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses. GEORGE L. GULLIFORD. Witnesses W. J. DAY, 1). H. Srnnns.



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